Manage All your business needs at one place (as easy as using email)
Perfect fit for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Enquiry Management

Enquiries can be created via website or over the phone or over the counter by customer or your sales team. Reply and follow-up can be easily maintained via SMS/Email reminders and reports. more...

SMS & Email Marketing Tools

We have very simple to use SMS and Email marketing tools. Data can be categorized based on your needs. With just few clicks you can send thousands of Marketing SMSes and Emails. more...

Create Invoice, Challans, Receipts and Manage Payments

Invoices, receipts and received payments are all auto linked with each other, it becomes easy for you to know the payments due and organize the received payments. Send SMS/Email reminders for payments to all your customers whose payments are due, with just one click. more...

Lead Generation Website

A very easy to use website with enquiry forms. The site is SEO optimized so that you keep receiving the enquiries from Google even when you are asleep. more...

Balance Sheet

With one click you can generate the balance sheet for any particular time period. more...

Service Module

You can manage your service such as but not limited to, Pest Control, Products AMC, or any repair service schedule. You can book complains, create on-demand-service, view schedule list of services, search expired services to renew them. more...

Manage Customers, Vendors and Suppliers

You can easily categorize customers based on your products and services. You can search them based on categories and can send them the important emails and SMSes with just few clicks. Similarly you can manage your Vendors and Suppliers. more...

Create and Send Quotations in Few Clicks

Use our templates based on your business vertical or create your own templates for Quotations. Just fill in the quantity and price and click a button to auto email the PDF along with SMS notification to your potential customers. more...

Manage Sub-Accounts and Staff

You can create sub-accounts and assign them permissions to manage any number of specific modules. You can create and manage your staff information. We will soon be adding the Payroll module. more...

Powerful Search

You can search by keywords, name or dates for Client, staff, invoice, payments, challans, due payments. more...

Due Reminders and Notifications

You can set appropriate reminders and notifications to remind you or your clients about payment dues. more...

Business Listing

This service is free, all you need is to sign up and enter your business details, and your business gets listed on our online yellow pages. Once verified by our customer care you start to receive the enquries! more...

And Many More Useful Features »
Available Packages
Trial PKG
Sales & Marketing
Financial Management
Combo PKG
(Marketing + Finance)
Combo Plus
(Marketing + Finance + Services Management)
  • Enquiry
  • Quotations
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Client/Coustomer
  • Vender/Suppliers
  • Staff
  • Reminder
  • Notification
  • Account Book
  • Product/Services
  • Invoice/Bill
  • Received Payment
  • Expense
  • Balance Sheet
  • Tax Details
  • Challan
  • Bank Transaction
  • Master Setup
  • Sub-Account
  • SMS Log
  • Bill Print
  • Website
  • Service Module
    (Add New Service,
    Book Complaints,
    Book On Demand Service)
  • Rs 999/- Per Month
  • Rs 4000/- Per Year
  • Rs 4000/- Per Year
  • Rs 7000/- Per Year
  • Rs 8000/- Per Year
  • Payment Gateway
    *Service Tax will be charged extra
    Why My Business Manage?
    Very Simple To Use - No Training Needed!

    Anyone who knows to check emails can use our system without any training! Our whole emphasis is on reducing your cost, so our designers have made MyBusinessManage so simple that you would have to spend least time in learning to use the system. It is so intuitive that even a school going kid can use it.

    100% Security Of Data

    No one can access the data of the account other than the account holder (with valid password). Your data is 100% secure. Our system is backed-up daily so that in case of server-crash data can be seamlessly restored from backup. [We recommend you to use Mozilla, Chrome or IE8 and above to access]

    Enquiry Management

    Enquiry can be created by your customer directly on the website or your staff can create them talking to customer over the phone, email or over the desk. Enquiries are handled via the portal, and reply goes to the customer over email and SMS. Enquiry sources can be marked to be able to track how your advertising campaigns are doing. There can be notifications set to remind your support team if an enquiry is pending for long time.

    Create And Send Quotations

    You can create and send quotations with just few clicks directly from enquiry page or from the quotations module. Quotations can be attached to enquiry to track and manage the status. Quotations are sent as pdf in the email and notification SMS can also be sent to customer.

    Create Invoice And Payment Receipts

    For any order an invoice can be created with just few clicks, tax information is just a select box, total amount is auto calculated. The format of invoice is as per your needs. On receiving payments, it can be attached to the invoice to track dues.

    Manage Clients / Customers

    You can create and manage the information about the clients (customers) as needed. You can search customers information via our powerful search. Create quotations and invoices for them. Manage their payments and set the due notifications. Generate reports and lot more.

    Manage Vendors / Suppliers

    You can create vendors/suppliers in the system, classify them based on your purchase criteria. You can attach the purchase information to each of them. You can email the request for quotations to them.

    E-Mail Marketing Tool

    You can manage the list of emails in our Marketing tool and classify them based on location or demographic and send marketing emails based on your classifications. For e.g. you may have 10,000 emails of the potential customers who may be interested in your product A and another 50,000 emails of the potential customers who may be interested in your product B. Now after creating the campaign you can select the target users and with just one click you can send emails to either of the two groups or to both of them.

    SMS Marketing Tool

    You can manage the list of phone numbers in our Marketing tool and classify them based on location or demographic and send marketing SMSes based on your classifications. For e.g. you may have say 10,000 phone numbers of the potential customers who may be interested in your product A and another 50,000 phone numbers of the potential customers who may be interested in your product B. Now after typing the SMS text you can select the target users and with just one click you can send SMSes to either of the two groups or to both of them.

    SEO Optimized Lead Generations Website (Lot Of Enquiries From Google)

    We offer you a Lead Generating Website for your business. Any title you type in Title Box of the integrated website (e.g. Auto parts suppliers in Pune, Billing Paper rolls in Bangalore, Toys for kids in Delhi etc.) will directly be indexed on the Google within few weeks. When someone searches with the similar keywords, your business website will be shown on the Google and people can submit enquiry on the website or contact you over the phone.

    Manage Your Products And Services

    You can add/modify any number of products and services and their prices. When you create quotations the prices, the corresponding tax automatically gets calculated for you. You can search products and services using our powerful search.

    Manage Payments, Expenses And Bank Transactions

    You can manage all the payments and the expenses very easily. You can generate reports on them. You can manage the payments due reminders for your customers and for your collection staff. You can link the Bank transactions with the payments for the invoice and thereby manage the payments for accounting and tax without any efforts.

    Manage Challans

    For any work order you can create the challan and it get automatically linked to the payments and invoices. So it becomes easy for your company to manage work orders, specially if it requires customer to interact with multiple departments of your company.

    Online Payments

    We are soon introducing the payment gateways, through which you can send the payment links to your customers for any invoice, and when they click it they will be prompted to pay by Credit-cards, Net banking, Debit cards etc and successful payments get automatically linked to the invoice and payment gets transferred to your bank account. Your collection team gets the notifications. You may have to submit some verification documentations for availing this facility.

    Due Reminders And Notifications

    You can set appropriate reminders and notifications to automatically remind your customers of payment dues and remind your staff about enquiry follow up, service tax and other tax submission and other important events. System can be set to automatically send the greetings and wishes for important events, such as for festivals and new year to your customers.


    We provide various type of reports such as:
    1) Enquiry Reports - Total enquiries, based on source type, based on status etc.
    2) Invoice (collectible) Reports
    3) Payments and Dues
    4) Expense Reports
    5) Customer Reports
    6) Business Analytics (Growth chart, which product is growing the best in terms of revenue, customers etc.)


    No Setup Fee

    You can signup and create your account and get listed on our yellow pages for free. We do not charge any fee for setup. As soon as you signup your account automatically gets ready to use, you pay only for using the packages that you need.